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Yeast Raised Doughnut Recipe and Dry Mix

Yeast Raised Doughnut Recipe and Dry Mix

The best doughnut you have ever eaten!  A "tried and true" recipe, this mix will produce 24 of  Mamie's Cafe and Bakery famous, old-fashioned,  Pennsyvania Dutch yeast raised doughnuts at your home or at your business.  Glaze and additional recipe ideas, such as BEER doughnuts,  can be found under the recipe tab at 


You will need:

Instant Yeast ****included with purchase




21 grams or a strip of instant yeast (3 packs) *included in order

oil for frying 

a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook

A homestyle french fry fryer or electric skillet works great.

A doughnut cutter, although two glasses, one large and a small one to cut the hole will work just fine.

  • Note From Karen:

    Note from Karen:
    I have been making these old fashioned yeast raised doughnuts for years and am excited to offer our small, craft doughnut mix for you to make at your home or your business. Yes, they do taste different from the other commercially produced mixes that you can purchase on-line or through food distributors. I only ask that you follow the directions on the bag. Please don’t be tempted to half or third the recipe. The mix makes 24 -3 inch doughnuts but the great news is that the finished doughnuts FREEZE very well. You can enjoy a homemade doughnut anytime with a hot cup of coffeep/s. Contact me if you have any questions about the doughnut making process. Also send some pictures to us.
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